Index of Reviews by Author

My reviews (as do my brother’s which can be found here) use a strict interpretation of the Goodreads star-reviewing system unskewed by grade inflation.
1-star = Didn’t like. Flawed in concept and execution. Not recommended.
2-stars = Found it okay, mixed bag of good and bad. Less likely to recommend.
3-stars = Liked. This is a solid like. I would recommend to those curious.
4-stars = Really liked. Solid recommendation to readers of most genres.
5-stars = Found it amazing. I will force feed you this book.

Abbott, Edwin A. – Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions
Abercrombie, Joe – Half a King [Shattered Sea, #1]
Abercrombie, Joe – Half the World [Shattered Sea, #2]
Adams, Richard – Watership Down
Anders, Charlie Jane – The Cartography of Sudden Death
Asimov, Isaac – The Currents of Space
Atwood, Margaret – Oryx and Crake [MaddAddam, #1]
Azaceta, Paul – Outcast, Vol. 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him

Bacigalupi, Paolo – The Windup Girl
Baum, L. Frank – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz [Oz #1]
Bear, Elizabeth- Cryptic Coloration
Benford, Gregory – The Final Now
Bick, Ilsa J. – The Key
Bradford, Daniel – Robot 13, Vol. 1: Colossus!
Brennan, Marie – Daughter of Necessity
Brontë, Charlotte – Jane Eyre
Brown, Pierce – Red Rising [Red Rising Trilogy, #1]
Brown, Pierce – Golden Son [Red Rising Trilogy, #2]
Brubaker, Jason – reMIND: Volume 1
Brubaker, Jason – reMIND: Volume 2
Bryson, Bill – A Short History of Nearly Everything
Butcher, Jim – Love Hurts [The Dresden Files]
Butcher, Jim – Skin Game [The Dresden Files, #15]

Card, Orson Scott – Ender’s Game [The Ender Quintet, #1]
Carey, Mike – The Devil You Know [Felix Castor, #1]
Carl, Lillian Stewart – The Necromancer’s Apprentice
Child, Lee – Killing Floor [Jack Reacher, #1]
Child, Lee – Personal [Jack Reacher, #19]
Clarke, Arthur C. – The City and the Stars
Clarke, Arthur C. – Rendezvous with Rama [Rama, #1]
Clines, Peter – 14
Conrad, Joseph – Heart of Darkness
Cook, Glen- The Black Company [The Chronicles of the Black Company, #1]
Cooke, Darwyn – Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter [Parker Graphic Novels, #1]
Corey, James S.A. – Leviathan Wakes [Expanse, #1]
Correia, Larry – Hard Magic [Grimnoir Chronicles, #1]
Correia, Larry – Warbound [Grimnoir Chronicles, #3]
Crouch, Blake – Pines [Wayward Pines, #1]

Denton, Bradley – The Adakian Eagle
Dilts, Tyler – A King of Infinite Space [Long Beach Homicide, #1]
Dilts, Tyler – The Pain Scale [Long Beach Homicide, #2]
Dilts, Tyler – A Cold and Broken Hallelujah [Long Beach Homicide, #3]
Doescher, Ian – Verily, A New Hope [William Shakespear’s Star Wars, #4]
Duncan, Andy – Wakulla Springs

Ellis, Warren – Gun Machine
Ellis, Warren – Trees, Volume 1

Farrugia, Nathan M. – The Chimera Vector
Follett, Ken – The Pillars of the Earth [Pillars of the Earth, #1]

Gaiman, Neil – The Case of Death and Honey
Gaiman, Neil – The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Galbraith, Robert – The Cuckoo’s Calling [Cormoran Strike, #1]
Galbraith, Robert – The Silkworm [Cormoran Strike, #2]
Gillen, Kieron – Phonogram, Volume 1: Rue Britannia
Gogtzilas, Vassilis – The Bigger Bang, Vol. 1
Grant, Mira – Feed [Newsflesh Trilogy, #1]
Gratz, Alan – Hero of the Five Points
Green, John – The Fault in Our Stars
Green, John – Looking for Alaska
Green, Simon R. – The Nightside, Needless to Say

Haggard, H. Rider – King Solomon’s Mines
Hall, Thomas – Robot 13, Vol. 1: Colossus!
Hammett, Dashiell – The Maltese Falcon
Heinlein, Robert A. – The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
Hill, Joe – NOS4A2
Howard, Jason – Trees, Volume 1
Howey, Hugh – Wool [Silo, #1]
Howey, Hugh – Shift [Silo, #2]
Howey, Hugh – Dust [Silo, #3]

Irving, John – A Prayer for Owen Meany

Johnson, David K. – Exploring Metaphysics

Kadrey, Richard – Sandman Slim [Sandman Slim, #1]
Kadrey, Richard – Kill the Dead [Sandman Slim, #2]
Kadrey, Richard – Aloha from Hell [Sandman Slim, #3]
Kaku, Michio – Einstein’s Cosmos
Kaku, Michio – Parallel Worlds
Karlsson, Kolbeinn – The Troll King
Kerman, Piper – Orange Is the New Black
Kingsolver, Barbara – The Poisonwood Bible
Kirkbride, D.J. – The Bigger Bang, Vol. 1
Kirkman, Robert – Outcast, Vol. 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him
Kroese, Robert – Disenchanted

Lansdale, Joe R. – The Case of the Stalking Shadow
Larson, Erik – Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania
Lem, Stanisław – Solaris
Lepp, Royden – Rust, Vol. 1: Visitor in the Field
Lepucki, Edan – California
Levin, Ira – A Kiss Before Dying
Levine, David – Damage
Lewis, C.S. – The Screwtape Letters
Lovecraft, H.P. – At the Mountains of Madness

Mandelo, Brit – The Finite Canvas
Martin, P.C. – Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus
McCarthy, Cormac – Blood Meridian
McKay, Steven A. – Wolf’s Head [The Forest Lord, #1]
McWhorter, John H. – Language A to Z
Melville, Herman – Moby Dick
Meyer, Scott – Off to Be the Wizard [Magic 2.0, #1]
Morgan, Richard K. – Altered Carbon [Takeshi Kovacs, #1]
Morman, Marsha – Wayward Pines: The Redundant Man
Moon, Elizabeth – The Speed of Dark
Muesse, Mark W. – Practicing Mindfulness

Ng, Celeste – Everything I Never Told You

Park, Paul – Ragnarok
Pötzsch, Oliver – The Hangman’s Daughter [The Hangman’s Daughter, #1]

Reid, Rob – Year Zero
Reynolds, Alastair – The Six Directions of Space
Rothfuss, Patrick – The Slow Regard of Silent Things [The Kingkiller Chronicle, #2.5]
Rowland, Diana – My Life as a White Trash Zombie [White Trash Zombie, #1]
Rowling, J.K. (as Robert Galbraith) – The Cuckoo’s Calling [Cormoran Strike, #1]
Rowling, J.K. (as Robert Galbraith) – The Silkworm [Cormoran Strike, #2]
Rushdie, Salman – The Satanic Verses

Sakey, Marcus – A Better World [Brilliance Saga, #1]
Sanderson, Brandon – Elantris [Elantris, #1]
Sanderson, Brandon – The Emperor’s Soul [Elantris]
Sanderson, Brandon – Legion [Legion, #1]
Sanderson, Brandon – Skin Deep [Legion, #2]
Sanderson, Brandon – Mistborn: The Final Empire [Mistborn, #1]
Sanderson, Brandon – Mitosis [Reckoners, #1.5]
Sawyer, Robert J. – Calculating God
Scalzi, John – Lock In
Scalzi, John – Old Man’s War [Old Man’s War, #1]
Scalzi, John – The Ghost Brigades [Old Man’s War, #2]
Scalzi, John – The Last Colony [Old Man’s War, #3]
Sheckley, Robert – Dimension of Miracles
Shelley, Mary – Frankenstein
Snicket, Lemony – The Bad Beginning [A Series of Unfortunate Events, #1]
Staples, Fiona – Saga, Volume 3
Staples, Fiona – Saga, Volume 4
Steinhauer, Olen – All The Old Knives
Stevenson, Robert Louis – Treasure Island

Taylor, Jodi – Just One Damned Thing After Another [The Chronicles of St. Mary’s, #1]
Taylor, Jodi – A Symphony of Echoes [The Chronicles of St. Mary’, #1]
Templesmith, Ben – The Squidder
Tolstoy, Leo – The Death of Ivan Ilych

Valente, Catherynne M.- The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making [Fairyland, #1]
Vandiver, Elizabeth – Classical Mythology
Vardomskaya, Tamara – Acrobatic Duality
Vaughan, Brian K. – Saga, Volume 3
Vaughan, Brian K. – Saga, Volume 4
Voth, Grant L. – The History of World Literature

Walker, Rysa – Timebound [The Chronos Files, #1]
Weir, Andy – The Martian
Wecker, Helene – The Golem and the Jinni
Wiebe, Kurtis – Peter Panzerfaust
Willingham, Bill – Peter and Max
Wilson, F. Paul – Cold City [Repairman Jack: The Early Years, #1]
Wolfe, Nathan – The Viral Storm
Woodard, Colin – American Nations


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